To intercept any forms of financial assistance which will flow in the purpose of getting advantages to Military coup.

To mobilize financial assistance that contributes to establishing the Federal Democratic nation to be emerged in line with the desire of the people

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Every evolution of human civilisation is rooted in a sense of history. The sense of history shapes a people’s hopes and aspirations for the future.

The history of Myanmar has been a painful and bitter one under dictatorship. Under tyranny, justice, freedom and basic human rights were but alien concepts. The lives of countless generations of our youth were, and are being, sacrificed.

Thus the Myanmar Spring Revolution arose.

The Myanmar Spring Revolution represents the yearning of a nation. The people of Myanmar have risen up now to realise their hopes and aspirations. Facing great hardship, and at times even the ultimate sacrifice, we remain resolute in our struggle.

The Myanmar Spring Revolution is how our dreams, shaped by our history, connect with our future goals and destiny.

The Myanmar Spring Revolution is assured a hallowed place in the history of human civilisation.

The Myanmar Spring Resolution shall also be a test for the resolve of freedom-loving peoples around the world. The people of Myanmar are not alone; nor should we be alone. Those friends who are with us in spirit and who support us in words must also now join us in action.

It is often said that the people get the government that they deserve.

The people of Myanmar, whose suffering and sacrifices entitle them to a fair and just Government that is of, by and for the people, shall prevail and instal for ourselves just such a Government, but only through victory.
Ideological revolution plays a very important role in the revolution uprooting the dictatorship. In the time when we all are building towards a Federal Democratic country, a bold and decisive rejection of any idea that contradicts with federal democracy that we people desire, is very valuable. We urge all of you to act practically in accordance with this belief.

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