What We Do

The Ministry is established to obtain sufficient financial and technical assistance not only from the local level, but also from the international entities, and to make effective use of these resources that are necessary for building the Federal Democratic Nation which would emerge to meet the consent of the people.

We aim to stop the inflow of any types of revenues and taxes obtained from both local and foreign that can provide advantage to the military junta and are directed towards destruction for the country. Besides, we aim to encourage the emergence of accountable and responsible investment businesses to prevent irresponsible and excessive extraction of natural resources.

To implement the above stated visions compactly, the ministry is founded with three committees and four departments which are similar in the nature of work.

1. NUG Government Revenue Inflow Advisory Committee
2. Military Group’s Revenue Intercepting Advisory Committee
3. CDM Supporting Committee
4. Internal Revenue Department
5. Budget Department
6. Treasury Department
7. Directorate of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations