Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister Min Zayar Oo

Zayar Oo, Min was born on 1st November, 1976, in Mudon, Mon State, Myanmar. He graduated his first degree from Yangon University in 2002. In addition, he has also obtained Executive Diploma in Business Management, Professional Certificate in Marketing Management, Certificate in Human Resource Management, Certificate in Communicating Effectively and Certificate in Leadership and Organizational Development respectively.

After initially participating in the Students’ movements in 1996, he joined the Mon Democracy Party in 2010. Then he joined the Mon National Party in 2014 when Mon parties merged as one. Later on, he was elected as a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Mon National Party and Mon Unity Party in 2014. Eventually, he became Secretary Member of the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC).

To this date, he has been taking responsibilities as a member of the Founder of Mon National Network after his resignation from the Mon Unity Party on 19 November 2020.