Announcement (1/2021)

Urging civilians to increasingly boycott all goods and services produced by terrorist military-owned business groups

1. It is of great importance to intercept channels of cash flow to the Terrorist State Administrative Council (SAC) in eradicating dictatorship out of Myanmar.

2. To this end, boycotting all goods and services produced by military-owned businesses and their linked conglomerates is considered to be a crucial measure in cutting off any income or revenue for the SAC.

3. The underlying reason behind the illegal coup by military leaders as they did in the past by using gun power is to protect, strengthen, and expand the business interests of the military leaders and their families.

4. The conglomerates of terrorist SAC have been earning profits annually by carrying out a wide variety of business activities in different sectors, from trading gems, selling petroleum, hotel and tourism, banking, insurance, construction, and harbor industry to manufacturing sector including production of coffee, tea mix, soap, and toothpaste.

5. Therefore, the Ministry hereby would like to urge all civilians not to take part in storing, distributing, selling, buying of all annexed goods and services produced by military-owned business groups, and to accelerate in boycotting all of them.

Tin Tun Naing
Union Minister
Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment
The National Unity Government

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