Announcement for Pre-selling the Ownership of State-Owned Land and Buildings which is Illegally Owned by Min Aung Hlaing

  1. Survey for pre-selling the State-owned Land and building owned illegally by Min Aung Hlaing was made as the first step of the project, The End of Dictatorship-EOD.
  2. Over 18,000 people participated in 6 days long survey and 97 percent of them proposed to buy and the proposed amount is approximately Myanmar Kyat 34 billion (US Dollar 12 million).
  3. The mentioned State-owned land is 1.86 acre and market price are over US Dollar 30 million.
  4. The one-third of the market price, US Dollar 10 million, or total 100,000 share will be sold and one share will be US Dollar 100.
  5. We will separately inform the name of agents and time of sale and want to announce that you all can contact and buy from agents around the world.
  6. This sale program is implemented according to the section 4 and 5 of “Basic Principles for Military owned Land obtained by Junta” announced on 24th February 2022 by National Unity Government.
  7. We would like to pay respect to the participants who are persistent and decisive for The End of Dictatorship.

Tin Tun Naing 
Union Minister 
Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment
The National Unity Government

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