Conveying a congratulatory remark by Deputy Minister Min Zayar Oo

Dear all beloved ethnic people of Myanmar who are striving for establishing federal democracy union and our fellow colleagues from NUG Support Team,

My special thanks go to all individuals who are joining the NUG Support Team in mobilizing, by using slogan “let’s pay tax only to our government”, people support for and participation in facilitating activities conducted by the people government NUG and in a campaign that calls for not to pay tax to the terrorist State Administration Council (SAC) for the eradication of dictatorship system out of the Myanmar soil.

The Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment of the National Unity Government will provide supports as necessary in implementing mobilization activities, action plan by the NUG Support Team.

I am confident that NUG Support Team can mobilize the public, the taxpayer by disseminating information about crucial role of and benefits derived from campaign called “let’s pay tax only to our government” accurately.

With respect and pride,

Min Zayar Oo
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment
The National Unity Government

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