Paying Tax with NUGPay

The first step to pay tax to the National Unity Government is to fill in the following form (A-001).

After filling out the form (A-001), an email will be received containing the detailed information.

Payment can be made using one of the two following methods provided in the email.

1. To directly transfer tax to NUG’s foreign bank provided in the email by personally or another trusted person (or)

2. To transfer tax with NUGPay using the QR code provided in the email

After transferring the tax, you must fill out the following form (B-001) along with the proof of payment receipt.

Within one month after filling out the form (B-001), you will receive a unique identification number (UID) with the honorable record by email.

More details can be found at

Tax questions that most taxpayers want to know can be found at


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