Relaunching of Spring Lottery with Better Plan

Our people who are participating in Spring Revolution together with Spring Lottery

1. We would like to appreciate each and every one who bought Spring lotteries with revolutionary spirit in the midst of difficulties starting from 15th August 2021, the date we commercially launched Spring Lottery.

2. Starting from 1st May 2022, we have temporarily stop sales of Spring Lottery via chat box in the purpose of better service and security and to solve the needs of customers data security which is the top priority for us and technical barriers.

3. We would like to announce that we will start selling Spring Lottery via our page chat bot on 7th September 2022 together with better secure service. Moreover, we extend the number of agents for bulk sales system sold by Spring Lottery’s International representatives with new form of service, better payment system with NUGPay and 100% data security.

4. We, Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment, National Unity Government, ultimately believe that Spring Lottery will succeed because of the unity and revolutionary spirit of people which will always be fresh and active like immortality of phoenix among flames until we won the revolution and that spirit will stand tall without breaking part like Tumbling Kelly or Pyit Taing Htaung.

Spring Lottery Family

National Unity Government

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