Spring Yangon Investment

Announcement for beginning of the Spring Yangon Investment as a third phrase of End of Dictatorship Program

1. We will implement sales of Min Aung Hlaing and Military Leaders (or) the brigades of Military (or) the land and buildings in Yangon occupied by Military related business as the third phrase of EOD Program starting on August 18th

2. In this project, thousands of strategic acres in Yangon will be included. 

3. It has three kinds of project-

(3-a) Green area and Monuments of Spring Revolution 

It is a public related project in which green area, Spring Park, Freedom Square for new generation, Peoples’ Martyrs Mausoleum, Spring Revolution Museum, and other places related to people who are worthy for the success of the revolution and massive architecture buildings and worldwide admirable displays will be included. We will invite public suggestions and cooperation and the government will be implemented after revolution. 

(3-b) Real Estate Projects for Revolution Fund 

The purpose of this project is to gain fund which is important for revolution. This project is to get land ownership and firstly, Nway Oo Yeik Mon Project @ Mindhamma and Nway Oo Maw Kon Thit Project @ Thanthumar will be included. This project will be sold through EOD Agent. 

(3-c) Commercial Projects 

This project is not only for fund but also for settlement plan for people whose house are burn down, CDM personnel, martyrs who had killed during revolution. This project will include social and economic development projects. The government will set the plan and place of investment and the projects will directly sold by the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment.

4. The detailed information will be informed again. After announcing the detailed information, people can contact with EOD agents around the world and participate in Spring Revolution. 

5. This Spring Yangon Investment program is implemented in accordance with the section 4 and 5 of the basic principles of Military occupied land announced on February 24th.

6. We would like to pay respect to each and everyone who participate with strong will and decision for End of Dictatorship.

End of Dictatorship

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