100 Days Progress Report and Ongoing Activities by Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment, National Unity Government

A. Laws drafted and enacted by the Ministry

1) The law Amending the Taxation of the Union Law 2020

2) The Law Amending the Union Debt Management Law (Third Amendment) (English/Burmese)

B. Notifications/Announcements issued by the Ministry

1) Exemption from paying electricity tariffs and related services charges for household use of all unit.
Suspension of collecting electricity tariffs and related services charges for non-household use of all units.

2) Postponement of due date, with no interest and no overdue bill, to return loans including interests provided by Mya Sein Yaung Village Development Project and Village Fund Project that are to be paid on 19th March 2021.

3) Postponement of due date to return raining season loan for farming capital provided in 2020 from 15th April 2021 to 15th April 2022

4) Urging Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement to conduct timely delivery of monthly social pension to the elder people of over 85 years old

5) Sincere Request to the private banking entrepreneurs and staff

6) Announcement for all government staff not to return no-interest-loans equivalent to 2-month-salary.

7) Re-announcement for all government staff not to return no-interest-loans equivalent to 2-month-salary

8) Announcement of suspending all civil servant recruitment processes.

9) Announcement of illegal sale of pearl, and gems 2021 planned to be held by Myanma Gems Exhibitions Central Committee in the interest of the terrorist State Administrative Council (SAC) and gems entrepreneurs and companies who join the event will be blacklisted and prosecuted in accord with anti-terrorism law.

10) Final notice to the companies who are involved in exploration and trading of oil and gas (English/Burmese)

11) Statement regarding TOTAL Company’s announcement related to Suspension of Moattama Gas Transportation Company (MGTC) Cash Distributions (English/Burmese)

12) Announcement of suspension of granting permits and endorsements for all investment projects issued by Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) since 1st February 2021 (English/Burmese)

13) Announcement for illegal formation of Myanmar Investment Commission under SAC and projects approved by this committee considered null or void by the National Unity Government (English/Burmese)

14) Urging citizens not to buy state-owned land and buildings planned to be sold through open tender system by the privatization commission of the terrorist State Administration Council (SAC) and warning that these land and buildings possessed from this sale will be confiscated as public property

15) Three-Pillar Framework Guiding Responsible Investment and Continued Operations issued by Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment to facilitate current or potential investment. (English/Burmese)

C. Ongoing and Planning Programs

1) The Ministry, by forming a committee, is making efforts to retrieve the country reserves 1 billion US$ from the United State.

2) The Ministry is attempting to open an official bank account of the NUG with some prestigious global banking institutions.

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